Choosing the Right Bridesmaids Dresses

We know how hard it is at Starla Bridesmaid Dress Boutique to find the perfect bridesmaid dress! We have some top recommendations to help you get started with your bridesmaid dress hunt! 
1- Research.  What type of bridesmaid dresses are you looking for? Do you like traditional dresses or are you more of a Boho bride? Do you like mixed matched bridesmaid dresses or do you want everyone in the same bridesmaid dress? One of our bridesmaid dress brands 'Dessy Bridesmaids' , has a stunning instagram page full of gorgeous ideas to help you get started! 
2- Think about your girl's shapes and sizes.  You might like the idea of fitted bridesmaid dresses for your girls but does it suit everyone?! Will your friend look good in a tulle bridesmaid dress?  What about a dusty pink bridesmaid dresses on all your girls? It is as important to think of who you are dressing as well as the vibe of your wedding! You want your girls to be comfortable and confident and look stunning in their bridesmaid dresses on the day!  
3- Colour . This year we have never seen so many sage green bridesmaid dresses! Sage green bridesmaid dresses are definitely the colour of the season. Do not feel pressure to follow a trend however and go with whatever colour bridesmaid dresses you like the best! If you want black bridesmaid dresses in summer do it! It's your wedding and once the colour suits all the girls go for it! All our bridesmaid dresses in Starla Bridesmaid Boutique come in any colour - the choice of bridesmaid dresses is endless :)
4- Timing. All our bridesmaid dresses at Starla Bridesmaid Boutique are made to order and take approximately 12 weeks to come in. Please allow time from initial appointment, measurements and production and alterations when the bridesmaid dresses come in(if needed). Ideally you should start looking 5-6 months before your wedding!
We hope our Top 4 Bridesmaid Dress recommendations has helped you kick start your bridesmaid dress journey! We would love to see you in Starla Bridesmaid dress Boutique where we can take you through all our fab bridesmaid dress brands - Dessy , Watters , Emma Bridal and So Amazing! And give you the personal one to one appointment that is needed when selecting your bridesmaid dresses. 
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